Six Tips For Choosing the Best Multi-Tool

The versatility of a multi-tool makes it a great holiday gift for just about anyone. Like a Swiss Army knife, this all-in-one gadget contains multiple tools in one compact, easily portable form. To give the right multi-tool, it’s important to assess the needs of the individual you’re buying for and choose a model specifically tailored for them.

Here’s what you should keep in mind during your search:

Not All Multi-Tools Are the Same
There’s a wide variety of multi-tools on the market, and many are customized for specific situations. Some are geared for fishing or kayaking, while others cater more to campers or home improvement. Some are intended for tough repair jobs in the wild; others just offer basic utility while you’re out and about. Consider who will be using the tool and what they will need it for before making a selection.

Not All Multi-Tool User are the Same
There are people who keep a single multi-tool on hand in case of emergencies, and there are people who own a variety of them for different situations and use them on a regular basis. A connoisseur will have more specific requirements and preferences than a casual user. You should also consider how the tool will be carried. On a tool belt, every ounce of weight matters, so the tool should be as efficient and streamlined as possible. In a purse or bag, however, a little extra weight doesn’t make as much of a difference so it’s okay to choose a slightly heavier tool with more functionality.

Get What You Need
There’s no point in spending extra money for a features you won’t use. Choose the smallest, lightest multi-tool that meets your needs. custom multi tool 

Shop and Compare
Make a list of essential features you’re looking for in a multi-tool, and find several models that fit the bill. Then compare the additional gadgets they offer and weigh which would be most useful to you. Once you’ve identified the important features you’re looking for, consider the user’s other hobbies and interests. If the person is a wine drinker, look for a tool with a corkscrew. If you’re buying for a camper, a fork and spoon might be appreciated.

Consider Who Will Be Using the Tool
When choosing a multi-tool for a wife or girlfriend, keep in mind that a woman will often have different priorities than a man. For example, many multi-tool fans claim scissors are pointless because you can just use a knife for cutting, but a woman would be more likely to use scissors for many jobs. Also, choose a tool with screwdrivers and not just bit drivers, as many women will not want to carry bits with them.

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